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Inventory Reports

Our detailed Inventory reports provide an accurate record of the property and exterior spaces (both condition and cleanliness.)

Our turnaround times are usually max 24 hours.

Using the latest inventory software, we are efficient and produce clear and easy to read reports.

We take our time at each property, to ensure the report is accurate and not rushed. The check out is only as good as the original inventory.

Numerous photos are taken, so if we miss something and there is a dispute, we have photographic evidence to resolve the dispute.

Smoke and carbon monoxide are tested and we will alert you if these do not meet legal requirements.

We check relevant furniture for fire labels to ensure furniture complies with regulations.

Utility meters, serial numbers and locations are recorded.

We test and list keys.

Appliance serial numbers are noted and manuals supplied.

Check In

Check ins are appointments rather than documents. At this appointment we meet the tenant and go through the inventory report and useful information regarding the property.

We handover labelled and tested keys.

Show the tenants the meter locations.

Point out the fuse box location.

The stop cock and the smoke/carbon monoxide alarms are tested.

We walk around the property with the tenant and ask them to sign the inventory report. Note, the tenant still has 7 days after to go through the reports.

The appointment is friendly, professional and not rushed. We will do our best to answer questions and ensure the tenants feel looked after.

We advise the tenants of some of the basics when renting: eg any leaks or maintenance issues must be reported immediately, heating should be left on in winter if they go away, all keys returned at end of tenancy, fixings to the walls must be agreed, how to deal with condensation etc.

Our reports, directly after check in or within 24 hours, are emailed to the tenant and agent/landlord. Each receive an online link (or PDF if preferred) and can upload comments and photos themselves should they wish to.

Mid Term

A Mid Term Inspection is made part way through a tenancy and assesses the condition of the property and exterior spaces.

We attend the inspection and produce a report afterwards.

This gives the landlord an overview on how the property is being looked after and also any maintenance issues noted.

Our clerks are aware this is the tenant’s home and we are professional, very polite and efficient during these inspections, in order to make minimal disturbance.

We ask permission from the tenant to take photos as personal items may be included.

Check Out

A check out report compares the condition of the property against the original inventory.

Any items considered damaged or not as clean as at the start of the tenancy, will be identified as the tenant’s responsibility. Numerous photos will be provided to show this.

Maintenance issues and observations, potentially useful to the landlord, will also be listed.

Meter readings will be recorded and the house keys and manuals checked back in. Smoke alarms and stop cocks are tested.

We contact the property manager /agent just after the check out to tell them of any major issues.

The check out report will then follow within 2 to 24 hours from the appointment end.

We attend regular courses with the TDS to ensure we are aligned on what is fair wear and tear and what is damage.